Travel along rail and road to explore the Franschhoek Valley.

The Franschhoek Winetram Tour

Hop on and off and enjoy a unique wine tasting in Franschhoek. Make the journey in a vintage-styled double-decker tram and hop onboard the open-air tram bus that takes you along rail and road to explore the Franschhoek Valley. Be prepared for a day filled with wine tastings, food and wine pairings, a cellar tour, breathtaking views of the passing scenery, and a stroll through magnificent vineyards.

The best and safest way to explore Franschhoek is on a guided tour. Travelling with a guide cuts out the stress of navigating your way around. Sit back and enjoy with peace of mind knowing that your tickets are pre-booked, lunch reservations made and a guide on hand to explain and lead you in the right direction, not forgetting being entertained in true South African style.

You won't be left feeling bored, with eight stops to some of South Africa’s oldest and most distinguished wineries. With our organised tour - see, taste and learn about 300 years of winemaking traditions and knowledge; brought by the French Huguenots who transformed the wilderness around them into one of the most beautiful valleys in the world.