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    Sandboarding near Port Elizabeth

    Find out all you need to know about sandboarding and more!

All you need to know about Sandboarding in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Whether you're seeking freestyle adrenaline, speed rush, or relaxed rides, get your adrenaline pumping by conquering an exhilarating extreme sport - sandboarding - enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Read more about how sandboarding with 12 tips to get you ready for the dunes.

Sandboarding in Port Elizabeth, South Africa 

What is Sandboarding in South Africa?
Sandboarding in South Africa has fast become a popular outdoor and extreme board sport similar to snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding. 

How do you sandboard? 

Sandboarding does not require much skill or training, and many get the hang of sandboarding quickly. Sand surfing at a beach involves riding down a dune while standing on a board, typically with both feet strapped in, or you can sit or lie on your belly and slide down the dune. Sandboards are waxed to ski down the dunes smoothly. You will control the board with your feet and steer by shifting your weight from side to side. 

Can anyone sandboard?  

Sandboarding is suitable for all ages, but we do not recommend it for travellers with back problems and pregnant women. The dunes are not wheelchair accessible. Spectators are welcome and can enjoy long walks on the beach and cheering on. This sandboarding activity is suitable for family fun and small group activity for corporate team building.

Do you need experience? 

Sandboarding is a beginner-friendly board sport that anyone can try. 

What do I need to bring? 

We'll get you started with guided instruction and supply all the equipment needed: sandboards, goggles, safety helmets and refreshments. Our sandboards allow you to go barefoot!

Is there a dress code?   

You don't need to wear specialised clothing. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that you don't mind getting dirty. Bring a neck scarf that can cover your mouth, a cap and sunscreen to protect your skin from the harsh elements of sand, wind and sun. 

Can you sandboard in any weather conditions? 

Sandboarding is offered throughout the year and is weather permitting. 

How do I get onto the dunes? 

The closest sandboarding spot in Port Elizabeth is Sardina Bay Beach, situated in Gqeberha and about a 20-minute drive from Port Elizabeth airport. 

How long is the sandboarding experience?  

This tour is flexible, and sessions last around 2-hours. 

Coastal dune formations 

Coastal dunes are formed on beaches big enough to allow sand to dry out between high tides. Onshore winds blow the dry sand landwards, creating a ridge or hill of sand at the top of a beach. The dunes are ever-changing structures and rich habitats for specific vegetation and wildlife. 

Is sandboarding dangerous? 

Like any adventure sport, there can be an element of risk involved. Most people who fall from their sandboard end up unharmed, although entirely covered by sand.

How to sandboard successfully

Get ready to ride with these helpful tips 

  • Climb up to the top of the dune 
  • Rub the wax onto the bottom of the board and smooth it out with sand
  • Tie your feet to the board using the foot straps 
  • Double-check the equipment and make sure you're fully protected
  • Once you are standing, perform small jumps forward toward the edge of the dune
  • With the board's nose pointing downhill, drop in with your dominant front
  • Lean back and bend your back knee
  • Look at the direction you want to go
  • As you start your descent down the dune, keep your body weight on the back
  • To turn, apply pressure on your toes and heels, depending on where you want to go
  • Stretch your arms to the side to maintain your balance