• A lady trying on high-quality oil based scents blending different scents together on a perfume-making workshop
    The art of perfume-making

    Learn which fragrances complement one another, and marvel at their ability to evoke memories of people, places and experiences.

  • A man and woman smelling different fragrances
    Buy gift experiences in Cape Town

    Blend a beautifully concentrated bottle of your signature creation, plus a luxuriously scented body cream.

  • Employee smelling her signature scent at work
    Evoke memories of people, places and experiences

    This perfume-making workshop can help improve the chemistry between employees

Perfume Making Workshop near Cape Town

Our sense of smell has a profound impact on our mood, memory, and emotion. Discover the complex art of the perfumer and learn to make your own uniquely scented perfume and cream, that is bottled for you to take home. This two-hour perfume-making workshop can help improve the chemistry between employees and business partners, who are more likely to adopt efficient work strategies.

Embark on a guided perfume-making workshop in Cape Town with the best institutes in South Africa that teach professional perfumery. Explore the fragrant notes of exquisite oils and discover which scents evoke the most memories. Find your unique personal scent and get it bottled especially for you. In the company of an experience perfumery expert, blend pleasant bouquets to create your signature scent. The serums are free of any harsh undertones associated with low-quality chemical-based scents.

This gift experience is ideal for educational team buildings, corporate/year-end functions, special occasions, and fundraisers. This workshop is suitable for men and women, individuals and groups of up to 20 people.