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    Watch the sky brightening up on a hot air balloon ride in Cape Town

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  • Captivating Hot air ballooning in Cape Town

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Cape Town: Hot Air Ballooning over the Cape Winelands

Redeem this gift experience ticket to enjoy an unforgettable Cape Winelands hot air balloon flight with an expert pilot. Plus you'll be treated to drinks and breakfast.

Feel the excitement on this Cape Town balloon ride as you are gently lifted above the ground to safely float over the beautiful Cape Winelands regions. Sheltered by mountains and hilly territory, Stellenbosch and Paarl are the perfect backdrops and locations for a Cape Town ballooning tour.

Cape Town: Hot Air Balloon Ride with Breakfast

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Admire the beautiful landscapes of Cape Town from your hot-air balloon at sunrise!

Upon arrival at the launch site, you will enjoy a hot beverage while the team sets up the balloon. Meet your pilot who will give you a flight briefing before the balloon is launched.

Climb into the basket and start your ascent into the African skies. Once launched, you will fly over the winelands for about an hour where you'll enjoy the unique view of the charming villages, magnificent mountains, and vineyards,...

When you land, you'll be welcomed on firm ground with a glass of bubbly to celebrate your hot-air balloon ride. You'll then be taken by car to enjoy a farm-styled breakfast at a top eatery. 

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The gift experience voucher includes:

  • Pre-flight coffee/tea
  • Shared hot-air balloon flight for 1 hour
  • Post-landing sparkling wine/juice
  • Farm style breakfast

Good to know:  A ride in a hot air balloon is dependent on the weather. Balloons do not fly in rain, storms or when extremely windy.  Air temperature and wind conditions are usually more stable in the early mornings.  You will receive a notification in the afternoon before the flight once we have the latest weather forecast. *This notification will include the meeting time and location.





Minutes: 30

Begin your Cape Town sunrise ballooning tour with a warm welcome by a friendly staff member who will sign you in and take you through to the launch pad where you can heat up with a warm cup of coffee or tea.



Minutes: 60

Activity: Hot air balloon flight

Ballooning at Sunrise over Cape Winelands

Excitement should kick in as you watch the crew tightly holding the balloon's ropes in position and seeing the envelope of the balloon inflating. You're allowed to partake and assist in setting up the balloon.

Once everyone is in the basket, the pilot will use the burners to increase the air temperature in the envelope. When the balloon is ready for taking off a quick pull will detach the balloon.

You'll soon experience the basket lifting off the ground and will drift peacefully up into the blue sky! Find an oasis of serenity as you watch the sun rising and spilling its illuminating light across the beautiful farmlands and surrounding mountain ranges of the Cape Winelands.


Minute: 90

Breakfast stop at: Bistro & Deli

After landing, you'll be treated to a glass of sparkling wine or fruit juice, before heading to a lovely deli located on an boutique winery.

Savour a delectable and generous farm styled breakfast in a a rustic country setting,  just the thing for kicking back with friends and family in a wonderful Cape Winelands.