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Discover the Constantia Wine Route: Cape Town’s Premier Wine Destination

Constantia about 15 kilometres from Cape Town city centre, is nestled beneath the Table Mountain National Park with commanding vistas of the Constantiaberg and Table Mountain ranges. It is a region in the Cape winelands with a winemaking history that dates back to 1685 and boasts 8 award-winning wine estates.

Discover the Constantia Winelands Tour: Cape Town's Premier Wine Destination

Welcome to the Constantia Valley, where Cape Town's winemaking legacy began. As South Africa's oldest wine-producing region, Constantia offers a captivating journey through its rich history, scenic beauty, and world-class wines. Whether you’re a seasoned wine enthusiast or a casual explorer, the Constantia Wine Route has something for everyone.

A Journey Through Time and Vines

The Birthplace of South African Winemaking

Constantia's winemaking history dates back to 1685 when Simon van der Stel, the first Governor of the Cape, was granted land by the Dutch government. Enamored by the area's lush beauty, Van der Stel established Groot Constantia, planting 10,000 vines and building the iconic Cape Dutch manor house that still stands today. This estate became the foundation of South Africa’s wine industry.

Following Van der Stel's death, the original estate was divided, giving rise to Groot Constantia, Klein Constantia, and Bergvliet. Over the centuries, the valley expanded to include more farms, creating a renowned wine-producing region celebrated for its legendary sweet dessert wines.

Timeline of Constantia’s Evolution:
- 1685: Simon van der Stel establishes Groot Constantia.
- 1712: Groot Constantia is divided into Groot Constantia, Klein Constantia, and Bergvliet.
- 1796: Buitenverwachting is added to the valley.
- 1823: Klein Constantia gains formal recognition.
- 1984: Eagles’ Nest and Silvermist join the valley.
- 2000: Constantia Glen is established.
- 2002: Beau Constantia opens its doors.Beau Constantia opens its doors.

A Scenic and Historical Journey

Located just 20 minutes south of Cape Town, the Constantia Valley lies between the majestic Constantiaberg mountain range and the cool waters of False Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. This region, steeped in history, is the oldest wine-producing area in South Africa and is celebrated worldwide for its legendary sweet dessert wines.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, Constantia’s wines were highly sought after by European aristocracy and royalty. These exquisite wines were even praised in literary works by famous authors such as Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. Austen mentioned Constantia wine as a cure for a broken heart in her novel "Sense and Sensibility," while Dickens lauded its quality in several of his writings.

Exploring the Constantia Wine Route

The Constantia Wine Route consists of ten prestigious wine farms, each offering a distinctive experience that highlights the region’s rich viticultural heritage and scenic beauty. Here’s a closer look at what each estate has to offer:

1) Groot Constantia: As South Africa’s oldest wine estate, Groot Constantia provides a journey through history with its 17th-century Cape Dutch architecture, museum tours, and lush gardens. Visitors can enjoy a tasting of five acclaimed wines in the Cloete Cellar and dine at one of the estate’s renowned restaurants.

2) Klein Constantia: Known for its breathtaking location and historic significance, Klein Constantia produces some of the country’s finest wines, including the world-famous Vin de Constance. Guests can partake in a guided tour and sample six estate wines, or embark on a scenic drive through the vineyards in an open-top Land Rover.

3) Buitenverwachting: This estate, whose name means “Beyond Expectations,” offers a serene setting for wine tasting in its historic cellar or courtyard overlooking the vineyards. Visitors can enjoy a tasting of five exquisite wines and dine at the estate’s acclaimed restaurant.

4) Constantia Uitsig: A family-friendly estate with a relaxed atmosphere, Constantia Uitsig is perfect for casual tastings and picnics. The estate also features a bike park for adventurous visitors and a charming restaurant and bakery for delicious meals and treats.

5) Steenberg Vineyards: The oldest registered farm in the Cape, Steenberg offers a luxurious wine-tasting experience complemented by gourmet dining and elegant accommodations. Guests can sample a variety of fine wines and enjoy a stay at the Steenberg Hotel & Spa.

6) Eagles' Nest: Nestled on the slopes of the Constantiaberg, Eagles' Nest is renowned for its exceptional Shiraz. The estate provides a tranquil setting for wine tastings and picnicking amidst its beautiful vineyards and gardens.

7) Constantia Glen: This modern estate offers stunning panoramic views and a cozy, intimate atmosphere for wine tasting. Visitors can enjoy cool-climate Sauvignon Blancs and Bordeaux-style blends, paired with gourmet platters.

8) Silvermist Organic Wine Estate: Home to the celebrated La Colombe restaurant, Silvermist focuses on sustainable, organic wine production. Guests can enjoy tastings of unique organic wines and stay in rustic-chic lodges surrounded by natural beauty.

9) Beau Constantia: Known for its striking architecture and breathtaking views, Beau Constantia offers a contemporary wine-tasting experience. Visitors can explore a range of premium wines and dine at the innovative Chef’s Warehouse.

10) Constantia Royale: This estate combines modern winemaking techniques with the tradition and heritage of Constantia. Visitors can taste exceptional wines and enjoy the scenic beauty of the vineyards.


Breathtaking Natural Beauty

The Constantia Wine Valley is renowned for its stunning landscapes. Picture-perfect farms and neatly arranged vineyard rows stretch up the eastern slopes of the Constantiaberg mountain, creating a breathtaking backdrop for your wine-tasting adventure. The valley’s unique geography, combined with the cool maritime influences from the Atlantic Ocean and False Bay, contributes to the production of some of the finest wines in South Africa.

Enhance Your Experience with a Guided Tour

Exploring the Constantia Wine Route is best enjoyed with a guided tour, which provides:

  • Expert Insights: Learn about the rich history and unique characteristics of each estate from knowledgeable guides.
  • Convenient Transportation: Avoid the hassle of driving and navigating, allowing you to fully relax and enjoy the experience.
  • Curated Itineraries: Experience a well-planned route that includes the top estates and attractions, ensuring you don’t miss out on any highlights.

How to Get to the Constantia Valley

- By Car: A 20-minute drive from Cape Town via the M3 highway.
- By Tour Operator: Book a tour with Into Tours for a hassle-free experience, including transport, expert guides, and a curated itinerary.

The Benefits of Choosing a Wine Tour Operator

1. Convenience: Enjoy seamless transportation and leave the planning to the experts.
2. Knowledgeable Guides: Gain insights into the history and wines of Constantia from professional guides.
3. Safety and Comfort: Relax and enjoy your wine tastings without the stress of driving or navigation.

Hop-On, Hop-Off Wine Tasting

For a flexible exploration, consider a hop-on, hop-off wine tour:
- Convenience: Visit multiple estates at your own pace.
- Flexibility: Customise your wine tour to suit your preferences and group size.
- Variety: Experience a diverse selection of wines and estates.

Accommodations in the Constantia Valley

Staying in the Constantia Valley combines luxury and tranquility. Consider these top options:
- Steenberg Hotel & Spa: Luxurious accommodations with a world-class spa.
- The Cellars-Hohenort Hotel: 5-star hotel with award-winning gardens.
- Nova Constantia Boutique Residence: Elegant suites with personalised service.
- The Last Word Constantia: Stylish rooms and impeccable hospitality.
- Silvermist Mountain Lodge: Cozy cottages with access to hiking trails and gourmet dining.

Find accommodation in Cape Town: 

Activities and Attractions Beyond Wine Tasting

Explore other attractions in the Constantia Valley:
- Hiking: Scenic trails in the Tokai forests and Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens..
- Dining: Fine dining at La Colombe and Chef’s Warehouse.
- Shopping: Boutique stores at Constantia Village Shopping Centre.
- Picnicking: Beautiful spots at Constantia Uitsig and Eagles' Nest.
- Historic Sites: Visit landmarks like the Groot Constantia Manor House.

Weather and Best Times to Visit

The best times to visit are during spring (September to November) and autumn (March to May) when the weather is pleasant and the vineyards are particularly beautiful.

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