• Explore and find local treasures!
    Explore and find local treasures!

    Visit trendy African craft and curio shops

  •  Victorian Gothic style Public Library
    Victorian Gothic style Public Library

    Designed by Henry Cheers, an Architect from Twickenham. The sicilian marble statue of Queen Victoria unveiled in 1903.

  • Fort Frederick in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, was built in 1799 to prevent French from conquering the Cape Colony during the Napoleonic wars and played a vital role in establishing British rule in South Africa
    Fort Frederick

    Stone fort built in 1799 by the British Colony

  • Landmarks that tell stories. Let's explore!
    Landmarks that tell stories. Let's explore!

    See the Donkin Reserve that boast a stone pyramid, lighthouse and unique public art pieces

  • Biggest flagpole in the South Africa
    Biggest flagpole in the South Africa

    At 68 meters high the flagpole at the Donkin Reserve is the tallest flagpole in South Africa while the flag flying from it is the biggest South African flag in the world.

Port Elizabeth City Guided Tour

Get to know more about South Africa’s second-oldest city with a local tour guide and discover the rich history, culture, and art of Port Elizabeth on a small-group tour that explores everything from iconic structures to African craft shops. A guided tour allows you to enjoy discovering the city without worrying about navigating the confusing streets on foot or public transportation. Plus, narration along the way means you won’t pass by the historic sites without recognizing their cultural significance.

South Africa has to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world and Port Elizabeth, located along the Sunshine coast, in the Eastern Cape is a real gem. Breathtakingly splendid, Port Elizabeth is a popular gateway to the Garden Route, and will delight you with the beauty of its Coastline and landscapes but also the richness of its colourful cultural, historical heritage, incredible wildlife viewing and malaria free Safari experiences, thus making it one of the most attractive and affordable destinations in South Africa.

The Establishment of Port Elizabeth City began in 1820s, when the first British settlers arrived. Their influence is left behind in many of the exquisite and impressive buildings which you will encounter on your tour. See over 7 points of interest and historic sites. Be swept away by fascinating stories and the hero's from the past. Visit Fort Frederick built in 1799. Touch a stone pyramid monument. Admire the colourful piazza mosaic and other unique public art works. Have your picture taken next to the metal cut out plaques in memory of Nelson Mandela. Climb the narrow wooden steps of the 1861 lighthouse and explore trendy African curio and craft shops.

History before 1820

For hundreds of years Port Elizabeth was referred to on navigational charts as "a landing place with fresh water". But, its origins date back to before the first Europeans ever set foot along the shores of Algoa Bay. Its believed that there were two groups of Indigenous people who were the first tribes that settled here. The San Hunters ( Bushman) lived in the inland valleys and the Khoisan ( Inqua Hottentots) lived at the coast and along the Gamtoos River.

European immigrants who came to stay in South Africa first settled in and around Cape Town in the Western Cape. As the many years passed, they sought to expand their territory. This expansion was first at the expense of the Khoi and San, but later Xhosa land was taken as well.

Nine Frontier Wars followed between the Xhosa and European settlers, and these wars dominated the 19th century. The first frontier war broke out in 1780 and marked the beginning of the Xhosa struggle to preserve their heritage, land  and way of life.  It was a struggle that was to intensify when the British arrived on the scene.






Port Elizabeth City Tour

Explore Port Elizabeth

 Your tour begins with pick-up from your Port Elizabeth accommodation at 09:00 am or afternoon slot 13:00 pm, when you’ll board an air-conditioned vehicle to greet your driver and guide.

Your driver/guide will take you to your first stop-off to explore street art and African craft shopping. Afterwards, you’ll be driven past exquisite Victorian era buildings dating back to the early 1900’s Along the route your guide will point out buildings with information and other places of interest. As you continue your exciting journey back in time, your next stop off is a visit Fort Fredrick built in 1799 where you’ll discover great stories and heroes from the past.

Next, and not far from here you will be driven to the next stop off and taken to the Donkin Reserve where you will explore the local streets on a walking tour and wander into Port Elizabeth’s rich cultural history and embrace fascinating art pieces and the indigenous flora. Admire the stone pyramid, built  in 1820. Be swept away by fascinating and great love stories. Admire the colourful piazza mosaic and other unique public art works. Climb the narrow wooden steps of the 1861 lighthouse and see the views of the city from high above.

Next, you will be driven to a unique African shop. Enjoy a cup of locally roasted coffee and treat, while browsing the many amazing craft and art pieces to purchase at this trendy African craft shop.

Thereafter, you will be dropped off to your accommodation in Port Elizabeth or other location as arranged.