• African coffee and chocolate pairing in Stellenbosch gift experience
    The Chocolate and African Coffee Experience

    Take your time to savour all aromas and flavours

  • African coffee and chocolate pairing in Stellenbosch gift experience
    Perfect Taste & Flavour Pairings

    This combo can make the finest chocolate taste richer and the highest quality coffee taste like a creamy mouthful.

  • Lady smelling coffee
    Smell both coffee and chocolate separately

    Think about the flavours you are experiencing and then take a sip of coffee.

Chocolate & African Coffee pairings near Cape Town

Take a piece of chocolate, crunch it and let it melt on your tongue
then sip coffee.
Unwrap the finest artisanal chocolates and intensify the flavour with carefully selected coffee blends that will feel like drops of sweet silk in your mouth.

This gift experience voucher for two entitles you to a tasting of four African roasted coffees and four luxuriously paired chocolates that are hand-made in Cape Town. 

Travel to the heart of the Cape Winelands and be swept up by the magnificent beauty. Start your experience at a decadent artisanal chocolate company. Awaken your tastebuds as you savour your way through the coffee and chocolate bar journey with an interactive experience.

Explore their range of luxuriously crafted chocolates and confectioneries and find something special to share and enjoy. 

Good to know:

Coffee and cocoa have flavour combinations in common - both are seeds of tropical fruit that get fermented and dried at their origin. 

The warmth and bitterness of coffee paired with the sweet smoothness of chocolate will bring out the unique and natural flavours and highlights the sweet and fruity notes, while others leave an intense and slightly bitter tang.